New wet snow product and updated CryoLand4Newbies

07 April 2016: A new wet snow cover product is now available for the Alpine area. The product development started within CryoLand, and was completed within the EU FP7 project SEN3APP. Demonstration products of the melting season 2015 over the Alps, as well as new products for the melting season 2016 will be provided through the CryoLand GeoPortal.

The Snow Products website, as well as the CryoLand4Newbies document were updated with this new product Wet Snow Cover over Alps (multitemp_SCAW_Alps_Radar).

New scripts for automated access of CryoLand products available

08 April 2015: For automatically accessing, downloading and analysing CryoLand products we provide for your convenience new scripts written in Python and IDL in the Downloads menu (link). Feel free to use or adapt these scripts according to your needs.

CryoLand – the GMES Downstream Service Snow and Land Ice

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  • Nagler, Thomas
  • Triebnig, Gerhard
  • Schiller, Christian
EnvironInfo 2011 - 25th International Conference, Ispra, Italy
05-07 Oct
Climate change has a strong impact on land ice and snow cover based environments. Rising mean temperatures will lead to retreat of average snow and ice coverage, jeopardizing the supply of fresh water for human consumption, agriculture, and hydropower generation. In addition, changing snow and ice will affect ecosystems and biospheric diversity. Accurate and timely observations of snow and ice are necessary to prepare for these challenges. In order to support the management of snow and ice resources, the project “CryoLand - GMES Service Snow and Land Ice” will develop new services for monitoring snow cover, glacier ice and lake/river ice as a GMES Downstream Service. The CryoLand’s value added chain utilises the GMES Land Monitoring Service as well as Earth observation satellite data from the GMES Space Component directly as an input. CryoLand is a 4 year project which started in 2011, and is supported by the 7th Framework Programme of EC. One component of the project is dedicated to snow and glacier services in mountain areas. Accurate and up-to-date information on snow and glacier parameters are highly needed for managing water resources for hydro power production, irrigation, flood forecasting and even for drinking water supply. In order to supply these services and provide the products to the users a service infrastructure will be developed based on interoperable and standardised Web services. To achieved this target the CryoLand service architecture to be developed will follow the recommendations provided by GIGAS (GEOSS, INSPIRE and GMES an Action in Support). These recommendations include the standards developed within OGC which provided mechanisms and interfaces such as CSW, WMS, WFS, WCS, and WPS. They allow providing online services which can be consumed by different clients for a direct integration of CryoLand functions and products into GIS, modelling tools and decision support environments. This paper discusses the CryoLand architecture with focus on mountain areas mapping applications and on the technology implemented within the Access and Integration Software System (AISS).