New wet snow product and updated CryoLand4Newbies

07 April 2016: A new wet snow cover product is now available for the Alpine area. The product development started within CryoLand, and was completed within the EU FP7 project SEN3APP. Demonstration products of the melting season 2015 over the Alps, as well as new products for the melting season 2016 will be provided through the CryoLand GeoPortal.

The Snow Products website, as well as the CryoLand4Newbies document were updated with this new product Wet Snow Cover over Alps (multitemp_SCAW_Alps_Radar).

New scripts for automated access of CryoLand products available

08 April 2015: For automatically accessing, downloading and analysing CryoLand products we provide for your convenience new scripts written in Python and IDL in the Downloads menu (link). Feel free to use or adapt these scripts according to your needs.

REA/EC-ESA Workshop 2012

ENVEO held an invited presentation about CryoLand products, services and data formats at the Workshop "Essential Climate Variables data exchange and information", organized by REA/EC and ESA in Brussels, Belgium, 11-12 September 2012.


IGS Symposium 2012

The CryoLand project was presented by ENVEO on Wednesday, 30 May 2012 at the IGS International Symposium on Seasonal Snow and Ice in Lahti, Finland.


User Coordination Workshop 2012

The User Coordination Workshop was held on 03 May 2012, 9:30 - 16:15, in the Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel, Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden.


CryoLand GeoPortal ONLINE

The CryoLand GeoPortal is now online! Up-to-date CryoLand snow products are ready for download.


First Review Meeting 2012

The first Review Meeting of CryoLand was held on 8 March 2012 in Vienna, Austria.


First Annual Progress Meeting 2012

The first Annual Progress Meeting and Product Working Group Meeting were held on 25./26. January 2012 in Berne, Switzerland.


The ice map cometh - A slippery subject

The December 2011 issue of the International Innovation magazine is headed "We must act now on climate change".  It includes an interview with Thomas Nagler (coordinator of the CryoLand Project) and a quite substantial coverage of the developments for a pan-European infrastructure for generating and providing products on snow, glaciers and lake / river ice.

Download article

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